Keep reminding myself that it's already autumn. My friend says that it's ok and that it only means that the spring become closer. I guess she just forget about winter season!  
So this is my hiding place for this autumn. No matter how beautiful the colors are it's cold and rainy outside. I don't have any particular plans for this cold season except of December surprise. 
Do you have any?
 I wish you warm and cozy week ahead! Stay positive!
I'll be honest I really love a song Syvia "Hideout " but I wasn't able to share it with you in Blogspot so instead I recommend you Snow Patrol, another my favorite song:

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  1. какая ты красивая! столько осенних красок на фотографиях, а у нас уже снег пошел....

    1. снег?!!! я еще не готова к снегу!!! )