Hello, weekend!

the weekend is a great time for me! It's time when all my friends are free and have days off! It's time when we meet and have lunch together or just spend time together!  I love weekends!!!
Wish you a happy weekend too!!!!

This self pictures are really unusual to me:
 1. I have no make up (this is the first pic of natural me :p) 
2. I'm really exhausted from almost 12 hours of road trip + 3 hours of waiting for a flight + 4,5 hours of actual flight and + 3 more hours of passport control and road to the hotel in the UAE. 
This is my first pics in the UAE and it is from the hotel room )))  
(I'll tell you more about this trip a little bit later)

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  1. ждем-ждем ) кусочки тепла посреди зимы - это прекрасно!